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Stop the Rain Dance

To Secure Financial Freedom, True Happiness and a Romantic Love Life - NOW - Before It's Too Late
A good partnerDr. Stagl
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How Others Describe This Book...

“I’ve read other excellent self-help books before that were helpful; however Stop the Rain Dance brought it all together for me. It offers a practical integration of basic principles into a cohesive blend which I feel could apply to almost anyone. I truly enjoyed it.”

5.0 out of 5 stars   -    Maleta Dunne

“I LOVED the book! Very powerful.”

5.0 out of 5 stars   -   Susan Walters

“Wow.... I heard about this book from a friend so I purchased it right before lunch and have not been able to put it down. It is not your typical self help book at all. It has so many new ideas and they are simple to implement. If you want solutions I would purchase it ASAP.”

   5.0 out of 5 stars   -   Dave Collins

“This book is a great practical guide to some of life’s toughest situations as it covers most of the little matters as well as some more complicated problems. I believe this book can make life easier for almost anyone. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to add to their own practical knowledge.”

5.0 out of 5 stars   -   Bill Allen

“After reading this book I feel like for the first time in a long time I am financially enlightened. It combines tools for every day life as well as laying out options for long term gains. I feel like I am on track with my changes to make a difference in my life!”

5.0 out of 5 stars   -    Richard Burgess

Truly a game plan to follow, by which to lay out the tapestry for your life. A step by step instructional which requires no special ability than to live, eat and breathe by simple principles... enjoying every moment of time.”

Lana Kragujac

5.0 out of 5 stars   -

“Very well written. Clear logical and instructive. I have read many books on self-help and found yours to be on par or better than most.”

Thomas Ciurej

5.0 out of 5 stars   -

“This truly is a fantastic book! Many kudos to the author; this is a must read for the masses. Looking forward to following this author in the future. “​

 Joyce Conner-Boyd

“Most people are just doing a 'rain dance' rather than taking control of their lives. Dr. Stagl has really tapped into the problem. Most people are running in place thinking they are moving but not really moving. This book describes a way to get back to reality, put what's really important in front of you and move forward. I recommend it to everyone. Especially young adults caught up in this crazy world.”

Ralph Sweitzer

"I am so thankful! After reading your book, my boyfriend and I have been doing better than ever.  I recommend your book to all of my friends."

Joanne Spindel
Julie B., Louisiana

"Before reading your book, I had issues with my dad for years and couldn't seem to find a good man either. Since applying your simple principles about relationships, I learned how to be a good partner and found the 'love of my life'.  It is truly amazing!"

"A must read for anyone who desires to get their life in order."

Warren G. White

So I ask you... you really have the desire to be free? If so, you will need to do what it takes to get back in control of your life and leave your excuses behind. Forget about your failures and decide today that you will make a change. Let’s take a journey together and see if there is something great in store for you.

...Dr. John Stagl

Create Your Ideal Life by Choice...

Stop the Rain Dance presents a unique view of life to attain greater happiness and offers proven tools to end the cycles of chronic failure.  A truly inspiring book and a must read for anyone seeking self help in their relationships, health or finances.

It is easy to become so involved in life’s drama and to lose sight of what's really important to us. This is your chance to take a step back and renegotiate your position.

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Dr. Stagl’s goal is to offer you another way to look at your life situation, take advantage of proven methods to help you resolve some of the challenges you face and then, put it all together in an easy to understand, workable fashion for a consistently more joyful experience.

It’s your choice. You create your life every moment of every day. With the right frame of mind and the right tools, the possibilities are endless.

About MoneyDr. Stagl
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So what's this book all about?

In's all about taking charge of your life to enjoy all of the good things life can offer.

This book contains real-world tools so you can…

  • maintain sanity in a seemingly insane world;

  • eliminate fear and accomplish almost anything;

  • overcome difficult relationships and learn how to identify the type of people you need to eliminate from your life;

  • objectively evaluate almost any negative situation in your life and deploy a simple yet very powerful three-step process in making the right decision to overcome it;

  • immediately and dramatically improve your sex life by simply repositioning your mind (not your body);

  • purposefully change your brain wave patterns to learn faster and improve test performance;

  • take command of and instantaneously improve almost any relationship;

  • become part of the very small percentage of the population with an endless supply of money and the real reason why you may not be in that select group today;

  • understand how the rich got that way and exactly what you have been doing wrong and specific ways to redesign your approach to money;

  • immediately stop your poverty mentality and start changing your relationship with money today.

  • give yourself a better understanding of how your body works and how you can take better care of yourself with very little effort;

  • become less dependent on drugs and costly treatments that don’t work;

  • become more relaxed and confident;

  • understand the three major types of stress, what makes them different, how they affect you, and specific ways of coping with each of them;

Access all of the above for less than the price of 
one average lunch..

The Dream KillerDr. Stagl
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